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Tidal Wave Marketing has over 10 years experience managing the digital marketing for private practice doctors. We have identified and constantly improved upon the three main pillars to maintaining a positive and effective online medical reputation. The research and setup that is necessary for a successful doctor marketing campaign is extremely unique to the digital marketing industry and should only be handled by a team that focuses in the healthcare field.

  1. Uniformed Business and Doctor Information: doctor iconGoogle has stated that over 70% of medical searches were name specific. Patients are looking for you by name. With multiple review and directory outlets doctors must ensure that key contact information like address, name spelling, specialty and more are up-to-date and uniformed across all those outlets. When this area is overlooked many times you could be losing a direct off-line referral or be losing that referral to another doctor doing online marketing towards your specialty.
  2. Reputation Development and Management: The meandering path of patient research can go through dozens of “digital touchpoints” where you are being judged by prospective patients before they even meet you. Your outstanding patient care and command of speciality must extend from the walls of your office. Firstly, simple paths must be established for your patients to review you in key outlets. Secondly, those and other source data outlets must be constantly monitored to maintain your positive reputation. Medical reputation management is key to building the first connection of patient trust.
  3. Focused Marketing Channels: Google created a directory for the web and now areas of the web are being funneled down with specialized channels. Aside from your personal website the top three results usually interchange between Yelp, LinkedIN, Google Plus, Healthgrades and more. Maintainting your information on those sites will capture people searching directly for you. Marketing yourself to specific procedures and ailments within these channels will allow you to capture patients looking for your expertise.


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microscopeMaintaining and updating all the information between these three main pillars will ensure you have a clear and positive presence online and expand the great work you are already performing.

We look forward to working with you in the future. We take pride in understanding the intricate details that make you a one of a kind doctor and showcasing that online to the proper people you can help.

Medical/Doctor Marketing February 8, 2013

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