Direct to Employer Contracts

As a key partner with Sano Surgery, Tidal Wave Marketing is able to offer all its client access to a national marketplace of direct to employer contracts. As a marketing client of ours this service is provided at no cost and brings in a completely separate stream of patients outside of what we market for the practice.


We are SanoSurgery.

Sano means Healer in Latin.


SanoSurgery brokers surgeries between healthcare facilities, physicians, and providers (collectively “Sellers”) & self-insured employers and private individuals (collectively “Buyers”). We are the largest broker of non-emergency surgeries in the United States.

Healthcare is NOT expensive.
Hospitals ARE expensive.
Physicians are NOT expensive.
Health insurance companies ARE expensive.

Eighty percent of the surgeries and procedures performed in hospitals can be performed either in-office or in an outpatient setting. Globally employers are incentivizing their employees to seek higher quality care at far less expensive facilities. Over twenty five thousand (25,000) US employers have transitioned from health insurance coverage to self-funded and/or self-insured coverage. These employers are now directly responsible for the healthcare expenses of their employees.




Healthcare Transparency

“Healthcare transparency increases competition, reduces costs, and results in higher quality surgical outcomes.”

Dutch Rojas, CEO & Founder of SanoSurgery, ASC development at Tidal Wave Marketing

Buy and Sell Surgery from 2016 to 2023